MOD Update

Well school break is around the corner, can’t wait. Have been tied up with studies so have not managed to compile a stable copy of the beta release of the MOD. But don’t worry its not far away, many bug fixes, and a few new added features. Hoping to release update this Saturday, sorry for the delay.

BucketList Project

bucketlistSo the bucketlist project has been running full time for a select few since January and sits behind a cluster of 4 servers, currently still in beta and fully been tested and thrashed, but not far from been released to the public.
Mafia Demon script has included the bucketlist option, so feel free to run our public bucketlist at bucketlist.mwscripts.com

This system is the no frills version of mwlists.com bucketlist system.
System will be donation based so….
Donations are welcome :)