Lucifers MOD build 6.4.6

Michael Parker , GM & Kiwi can work together :)

Michael Parker , GM & Kiwi can work together :)

This release contains the dreaded Greasemonkey v2 FIX, also Mafia Wiper & Multi Gifter.
We are looking to open our bucketlist system to the public soon so be on the look out!


Change Log


  • Fixed Firefox issues in loading
  • Fixed Several issues in FF30
  • Fixed MultiGifter changed to get data from page loads, lil slow first run
  • Fixed Mafia Wiper – Also adding in better scan for checks
  • Fixed Chrome/Iron random crashes when HFC scanning
  • Fixed Conflict issue with unlocked
  • Fixed issue sometimes blocking flash
  • Fixed firefox HFC not reloading sometimes


  • Added Greasemonkey v2 support
  • Added More HFC Scan filters


  • Resolved missing GuessX script links in toolbox

Some issues you may encounter and work arounds…

  • #MOD Import/Export
    *(Currently there is a issue with exporting & importing if you have Unlocked Installed, just disable Unlocked while you export or import your MOD settings then re-enable unlocked once done.)
  • #BF – Firefox
    -Some times BF will not load on first attempt this is because of inventory not pre-cached, reload BF twice, issue will be resolved next update.

Not all fixes have been listed only the major changes

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