Lucifers MOD build 6.4.5

In this release we have updated for Mexico, and also fixed some facebook group scanning issues. For some this Facebook Group scanning might be new, please read below for more information.



Change Log


  • Fixed Props support for cities.
  • Fixed/Testing HFC scanning 20 feeds should be able to get 70 per scan.
  • Fixed BF stalling issue
  • Fixed Docking issue.
  • Fixed Comment issue in fire-fox (still testing this)
  • Fixed plug-ins not executing on page load events
  • Fixed auto banking issue when fighting in BF
  • Fixed/Testing auto healing issue when other scripts are also auto healing
  • Fixed Advert removing nice and tidy again :)
  • Fixed Daily Bonus Point Collecting
  • Fixed BF Ice savings, when refresh BF would loose ices now saves


  • Added Mexico support
  • Added A Refresh Facebook Groups in HFC in Groups
  • Added extra filter for scanning own post in groups
  • Added/filter scanning expired links
  • Added Chicago energy + stamina collection
  • Added Chicago/Mexico city properties

fb scan

@facebook group scanning

In the previous version the group scanning has caused some confusion :

To enable, click the “FB Groups tab”, then click “Scan Facebook Groups” to enable. Then select the facebook groups you wish to include in your scan.

No groups showing, click the “Refresh Groups” yellow link.

“SCAN NORMAL NEWS FEED” what does this this mean?… If you want to include normal news feed scan in your group scanning then enable this option.
But if you just want to “SCAN ONLY GROUP” and no other feeds, then disable “SCAN NORMAL NEWS FEED”



  • Remove Inventory, linked to inventory grouper 2
  • Small CSS tweaks

Some issues you may encounter and work arounds…

  • #MOD Import/Export
    *(Currently there is a issue with exporting & importing if you have Unlocked Installed, just disable Unlocked while you export or import your MOD settings then re-enable unlocked once done.)

Not all fixes have been listed only the major changes

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