Lucifers MOD build 6.4.0

In this release the main things are SA Support and Jailhouse Props, with other fixes. I haven’t had time to add full release notes due to study & work…so not all fixes are listed just the main ones that most will have found.

Also a side note if you use happyplace bookmark this link it will force auto background refresh http://mwscripts.com/happyplace/?refresh=true



Change Log


  • Fixed Underboss issue not loading in menu for some.
  • Fixed some battlefield timeouts.
  • Fixed inventory loading issue in firefox
  • Fixed issue with Spockholm & MOD on auto banking.
  • Fixed Exporting double files & export blocking.
  • Fixed Underboss precache load checking was stalling some users.


  • Added 99% Full Support for South Africa
    • (i still have to build level 3 on props for SA to work on city crafting)
  • Load time speed up for mod on checkups
  • Added Jail House property to craft manager
  • To enable this just go to Setup Props -> Scroll down to Jail house & save.
    Adding JailHouse



  • Removed Las Vegas
  • Started adding code for multiple collecting for “collect all cities”
  • Small tweaks done to work better with FF23.0.1

Some issues you may encounter and work arounds…

  • #MOD Import/Export
    *(Currently there is a issue with exporting & importing if you have Unlocked Installed, just disable Unlocked while you export or import your MOD settings then re-enable unlocked once done.)

Not all fixes have been listed above just short on time between studies & working….

Anyway if anyone has a spare $1 we are keen on some small donations …hate asking but struggling a bit to keep some of services available, hosting bills come in end of this september.

Anyway till next update, and stay cool till after school