Lucifers MOD build 6.3.9

In this release you will find auto commenting will work better for a lot of people. Some firefox users will notice that the AUTO Restart action will work for them now. I didn’t realise it was broken for some versions of Firefox this has been fixed. mwlists bucket has also been fixed there was some CSS issues, there are some cool new features on the way…. But beware its all done in my free time so sorry about delays in releasing & getting things done.




Change Log


  • Fixed bucketlist loading issues.
  • Fixed HFC FF Bug not reloading HFC
  • Fixed docking bug in FF
  • Fixed city crew having a spaz when session needs to reload.
  • Fixed HFC 0 limit bug on fb api stopping HFC from reloading & caused null feed scans.. if your HFC is broke this was the issue.
  • Fixed player nurfed images
  • Fixed *cough cough* adverts cleaning :)
  • Fixed BF showing broken images, facebook graph issue.
  • Fixed HFC Shortlinks(still disable auto posting)
  • Fixed Processing short links from checked hfc config will now check options before processing shortlink
  • Fixed Chrome Canary issue with not loading MOD
  • Fixed more commenting issues fixed
  • Fixed Firefox not initiate auto load module code.
  • Fixed HFC not auto loading on refresh for some people
  • Fixed Shortlink checking bug, will check against configuration, and will only process shortlinks if option is enabled in HFC Config.
  • Fixed Gift sending facebook id issue.
  • Fixed Battlefield random stalling
  • Fixed mwlists.com Bucketlist running
  • Fixed max crew checking always swapping cities (till testing issue)
  • Fixed some posts not been added


  • Added Collect ONLY GOLDEN Daily take, this will only collect the golden daily takes. Helps with take limits
  • collect_golden_take

  • Added Demon support checks demon settings before processing actions, eg auto banking, healing and lots more stops clashes
  • Added in extra support for facebook commenting, if a comment fails due to wording MOD will reword the comment & re attempt to comment on feed
  • Added HFC Config option so you can edit your config live while HFC scanning.
  • config_autohelp

  • Added reminder display message enable or disable so you can just force a reminder without a message
  • Added spocktoolbar support, some spock features the mod had already & both did the same thing as someone pointed out so have disabled MOD from doing these actions if spocktoolbar installed stops any clashes.
  • Added extra dumping log for feeds to make sure not missing mafia wars feeds
  • Added extra HFC filters



  • Cleaned Up / overhauled the plugin download center also added a plugin search engine so you can find a plugin easier
  • plugin_reminder1

Some issues you may encounter with this release and work arounds
Some Issues i know of & workarounds * = workaround…

  • #Max Crew/Crew Errors
    *(Currently it may show as you have a “Joined Crew Error” this is more than likely you have reached your max crew)

Also if anyone wants to help out we are wanting to get a pro account @ cloudflare they help with serverload, so if anyone is keen on donating $25.00 usd dollars a month regularly please contact us.