Lucifers MOD build 6.3.8

This version main release is to fix a chrome unsafeWindow workaround which currently is background messaging between the MOD & Chrome extension. There are a few new features in this release and a lot of fixes.
There is still a lot of issues that i am aware of & slowly tackling them but have study the next stable update won’t be posted till after my exams




Change Log


  • Fixed Craft Manager showing “0” levels for new york properties
  • Fixed HFC bouncing some links & crew props
  • Fixed declare war fb profiles
  • Fixed updates for facebook linking in profiles to their address.
  • Fixed Firefox not loading & failing on FB,xml load
  • Fixed issue when zynga fails to load profile updates
  • Fixed loading mod fails when player updates is blank
  • Fixed HFC shortlink not processing
  • Fixed Max Crew checking and cities
  • Fixed MWlists failing some buckets
  • Fixed Travel swapping stuffing other scripts up
  • Minor fixes & code cleanup
  • Fixed BF crashing in chrome
  • Fixed Chrome Extension communication for Canary & Iron with Wrapper inject for unsafewindow & added loader.js to chrome
  • Fixed firefox loading issues
  • Fixed Home Feed center not saving some issues.


  • Added Max Crew collection
  • Max Crew Detection

  • Added Rockmelt support to crx compatible, so Rockmelt users can now install the chrome version.
  • Added new functions to popbox.
  • Added Load Properties, if its your first install or setup of properties you will be prompted to select certain properties to load. This is to combat the large amount of properties we have to load. it speeds up prop loading
  • loadprops

  • started rewriting a new prop cache loader to get better craft loading… still working on this but for now select what props you need to load for faster load.
  • Added Lucifers Bucketlist from our own bucketlist server [currently offline]
  • Added Auto collecting of the dailyfix, it will also leave a link to show you what was collected i like this idea from tara. Option is in Configuration -> Auto Options -> Collect DailyFix
  • Added Try Force facebook API, i dont get api issues but this is a trial just to reinject the FB.api connect .all.js file into the DOM its more of a reload fix but currently just trial
  • Added shortlink processing in HFC this will process shortlinks in HFC this is beta but has been tested any issues just disable on Main HFC config



  • Cleaned Up Battlefield ICE/Kill logging, just posts the ice/kill comment not the extra boost stuff
  • Updates to BF fighting
  • Rewrote the bucket list module for mwlists on BF with api key access

Some issues you may encounter with this release and work arounds
Some Issues i know of & workarounds * = workaround…

  • #Some shortlinks not processing.
    *(disable shortlink processing in HFC, caused by shortlinks not been posted correctly)
  • #Crew detection changing city
    *(disable Max Crew detection, or when running HFC run in either brazil,london,chicago.)
  • #Chrome, stops responding
    *(Run in 1 tab, make sure you are active for more than 30mins)
  • #Facebook API not loading
    *(Try new inject method if fails, make sure you don’t have antivirus or privacy watcher enabled for facebook connect found alot of virus scanners disabling “facebook connect” mod needs this api )