Lucifers MOD build 6.3.6

New in this release we have Battlefied & Homefeed Docking, Auto loading on refresh of last script actions. Bucketlist and lots more please read the changelog below for changes



Battlefield Docked

Change Log

@Added Features

  • #Added HFC Missions Job Ratio, you can set the minimum ratio of missions to join great for these mission events.
  • #Added Ratio & Cost Job to Operations Center so you know what the cost of each mission job.
  • #Added HFC Operation Ratio so you can filter events properly from low ratio opertations.
  • #Added Shortlink service backup, if JSON Tinyurl is offline to shorten links it will redirect to another shortlink service.
  • #Added Extra Post option for when shorting your Mission Operations.
  • #Added POST option in Battlefield logs, so you can post your Stolen Ices etc from your log to your group…
  • #Added extra checking for for FB.api loading.
  • #Added Auto start Robbing, you can now rob & it will auto restart robbing on refresh.(enable auto reload in config)
  • #Added Battlefield Bucketlist fighting, you can use mwlists.com bucketlist.
  • #Added Battlefield & Homefeed center docking.
    • Docking Notes:
      (still have to tidy up the docking design layout) You can dock BF or HFC to the top header bar with mini stats.
      To dock Battlefield it will show you the docking link when your autofighting.
      To dock Homefeed center the dock button shows when auto helping next to the cancel button.
      You can only dock one or the other…
      If you dock battlefield please only do actions in that city you are fighting same for HFC.
  • #Added AutoRestart Module
    • since we have alot of restarts i have started writting a complete auto restart module that allows
      auto starting of other scripts. This module is going to be also tied in with a Drone Feature i am working on. To enable the auto start
      feature go to Configuration -> Auto Actions-> Auto Reload
      The following will auto restart : Battlefield/Homefeed Center/Assasinator/Robber BG
  • #Added Auto Docking Refresh
    • If you run homefeed center docked and either running battlefield or assassin-a-nator
      and you get refreshed it will auto dock homefeed center and start either assassin-a-nator or battlefield/Robbing


    • #Fixed Missions & profile links not not getting short links.
    • #Fixed HFC Not notifying of joining operation missions.
    • #Fixed Gift Center Search not searching for Chronium browsers
    • #Fixed Dailylink auto collect
    • #Fixed AutoLoad
    • #Fixed Multigifter for Chrome/Iron could not select/sending items or do searches.
    • #Fixed Default loading group issue if multiple group elements named the same the group would update wrong element
    • #Fixed if running a Bucket then moving to fightlist it would reload bucket not go to fightlist.
    • #Fixed Healing in city, was forced to heal in New York only has been fixed.
    • #Fixed Broken links.


    • #Changed Collecting XP ratio.
    • #Caching Underboss Checking, speeds up loading less requests made during startup.
    • #Renamed Random Button on battlefield to Fightlist.
    • #Cleaned up joining OPS & Posting Operations links to wall & groups.

    Note: There is a known issue with some versions of unlocked it won’t allow the MOD to export or import settings. Just disable unlocked when you need to import/export. This will be fixed.

    Also lately i have been getting abit of hate mail & i think they are the ones behind some rumors which people have contacted me about. All i have to say is all my work is opensource you can view the source at any time, all i ask is don’t pass rumors on about me or my work.

    Well that’s it for couple of weeks i have study & assignments due , but i have started on Lucifer’s MOD 637 and has some really cool new features…. till next update