Lucifers MOD build 6.3.5

More chrome updates on sliding menu should be complete fixed now, new features with also a auto collect daily bonus point. Release notes below. We released version 6.3.4 last night missed a couple things so update to get 6.3.5




  • #Added A Notify & Auto Collect of the Daily Bonus Point By Zynga when we updated on our system
  • #Added Checks for background monitoring of fight controller for BF stops slowing down the fightlist load & process
  • #Added ICE/KILL Cache so when BF exits or refresh or stop & come back to BF the ice log remains, you need to manually clear list
  • #Added/Replaced Dont collect if > Clan XP added in auto leveler check, if possible stamina & energy to level it wont collect Clan XP
  • #Fixed More chrome fixes, may have to clear cache for fixes to be applied
  • #Fixed HFC Loading FB.Api init issue for some people
  • #Fixed manual liking which was failing/broken
  • #Fixed firefox loading issue when loading with PS MWAP/RX6 would stop in safemode
  • #Fixed Chrome MOD Menu Sliding issue when loading for underboss accounts
  • #Fixed Personal Bulk adding, you can now add bulk to personal rivals for non underboss accounts
  • #Fixed Mafia Cleaner Crash semi fixed
  • #Fixed minor collecting issue on clan xp while BF was running it was also scanning & slowing down healing.
  • #Fixed Top MOD message header overwritten from other elements
  • #Fixed cross browser support for export & import (older versions of iron&rockmelt i forgot about them users)
  • #Fixed alot of startup error outputs
  • #Fixed FF font menu slide out would hide some text.
  • #Fixed/Cleaned up chrome crx file saving
  • #Updates New Collect Level up bonus code/fix ups
  • #Updates BF got some updates, wont go into to much detail but its been doing me and others alot better

The Notify & Auto Collect Bonus Point is under MOD Configuration

MOD Settings

This is just the Notify & Manual collect of Daily Bonus Point

Notify Point

This is Auto collecting of Daily Bonus Point

Auto Collect Point

Well that’s me for this week…