Lucifers MOD build 6.3.3

This was pushed out early for Chrome build Version 25.0.1364.97 that caused  menu issues  so please bare with me as other features released were still been tested at the time..




Anyway released in this update :

  • #Patch Chrome v25 menu elements been unbinded (not letting you select from menu)
  • #Moved menu height down under header, also made it fit better with spockholm toolbar
  • #Player updates Black List not showing on player updates
  • #Auto declare war not allowing posting.
  • #HFC “Unkown feeds” loading up from other mw game posts by app fixed…
  • #Lucifers Bucket API started loading into MOD
  • #Speed crafting up
  • #Fixed properties not loading levels reached items
    ^^i will cache properties in next version so they load faster, currrently loading properties loads slowly this is to not hammer zynga servers
  • #Updated export settings settings for all browsers
  • #Added secure/insecure cdn services for script loads from my own server and spockholm
  • #Fixed a couple of broken script links…
  • #Fixed clear Rivals & Famiy Rivals
  • #Added Bulk Personal Rivals adding (still testing)
  • #Added Clear Personal Rivals List
  • #Fixed timeout on HFC
  • #Minor HFC Tweaks to facebook API
  • #Added profile clan page link to facebook profile page on there facebook images.
  • #Cached daily bonus point
  • #Extra debug for properties still some small issues loading
  • #Removed Lucky Stash from MOD
  • #Revamped the Plugin Download Centre (still working on this & css for FF)
  • #Added Plugin Manager share…

Share Plugin

you can now share you own plugins with the community/download center.
To share click the plugin -> Click share -> Click community.

Well that is me for now, i hope you enjoy the update, i am at University at the moment and so thing will be a little slow but i am still around. I am also working on bucketlist project for the members of screepts.com which is 90% completed and that will be released soon.  so stay tuned…..