Well dammit exams are near, 3 weeks away to be exact… So study study study week now.

Anyway some other news, mwscripts.com server completed the re-build. This is good news as we have a new

bucketlist api

more mafia wars scripts bouncing your way

new happyplace updates.

This will be started after my exams, i cant wait for school to be over have so many projects to finish off. We also have a new fat Dedicated server the DUAL XEON E5-2603.

We moved screepts.com to this server as GoDaddy VPS was crap we have a dedicated server from Zeneva.net , the wordpress site has been completed now.

If you find any site issues or login issues please email support[@]screepts.com





So 3 more weeks and i am on holiday till February so i will have lots of spare time to finish off alot of coding… so stay tuned for more

Mafia wars scripts